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so it’s generally accepted that dan killed (human) danny right?

but ghosts are generally formed bc the person feels they have unfinished business, so what if danny had become a ghost (again, the unlucky bastard who’s “unfinished business” was his grief but also having also been murdered by Dan (his old phantom half. how fucked up danny rip) and like, wanting to stop him? not wanting more people to get hurt at his hands

his old hands

knowing dan is half him and trying to get through to him

except we can’t forget Dan is half Vlad too, so he’s stronger than him

i feel like Danny would still remember how to control his powers, and as a full ghost, there might be less of a adjustment period

so yeah just Danny and Dan having this back and forth (rather one-sided granted)

Danny and Vlad teaming up tho lmao so This is what it takes

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