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February 02 2017


@narwhalsarefalling why did you think i didn’t have this url anymore?? i’m just not using it atm





petition to call fun danny ‘mullet danny’ from this moment foreward 



fundanny lives on

June 11 2015


kisscartoon is bein a lil shit wow! like that’s never happened before

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Rose Quartz x Garnet = Rhodonite
just for fun!

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Some Greg/Rose Fusion!

I guess we’re gonna call it ‘Grose’ D8

/Pearl in the background ‘more like gross kekeke

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I grabbed a pack of ritz while i was downstairs n my dad said “puttin on the ritz?” n i just “yeah right here” *taps my thigh* n it took him a second but he laughed and i feel accomplished


my moms asleep so i took her laptop up to my room lmao

idk what im gonna do tho. should i watch a show?? should i stream a show??



“Oh look a fanny pack, harmless right? Probably just carrying my wallet or some chapstick-”




I always come prepared to send someone to the shadow realm 




Racing to Make It! 🕘 (W/ leothegiant)

This is art.


A Child Moves From 'She' to 'He' With Confidence




Q Daily, a third grader who attends a Brooklyn public school, describes himself as silly, curious and nice — all of the qualities that he likes about people. He is a lover of Michael Jackson, a wearer of trendy hats and isn’t shy about dancing in front of a crowd.

And, now that he identifies as a boy, he feels more alive than before.

“It feels like, instead of a dead flower, a growing flower,” he said of his transition from girl to boy.

Read more.

Because you never hear about trans kids of color until they’re dead.

Reposted byToshioTV ToshioTV

dear god i feel sick lmao



high school musical!!!


so it’s generally accepted that dan killed (human) danny right?

but ghosts are generally formed bc the person feels they have unfinished business, so what if danny had become a ghost (again, the unlucky bastard who’s “unfinished business” was his grief but also having also been murdered by Dan (his old phantom half. how fucked up danny rip) and like, wanting to stop him? not wanting more people to get hurt at his hands

his old hands

knowing dan is half him and trying to get through to him

except we can’t forget Dan is half Vlad too, so he’s stronger than him

i feel like Danny would still remember how to control his powers, and as a full ghost, there might be less of a adjustment period

so yeah just Danny and Dan having this back and forth (rather one-sided granted)

Danny and Vlad teaming up tho lmao so This is what it takes


oH shit i just remembered this weird thought i had at like 2am last night



On the one hand, Danny figuring out he’s been courting Dash in the most ridiculous way

on the other hand, Danny figuring out he’s been courting Dash in the most ridiculously mundane way



planegeometry is now ymirkrista



man, sometimes i get really teary-eyed when i think about how deeply raava must understand the scope of human life, the value and the wonder of it

like. she literally experienced every single moment of every single one of the avatar’s lifetimes, she knew all of their flaws and insecurities and fears

but she also knew all of their strengths, their hopes, their kindnesses

and she felt each of them go through everything

every single loss (ummi’s death, sozin’s betrayal, the air nomad genocide), every single bright spot (defeating chin the conquerer, meeting katara, winning a pro-bending match)

every single person and animal and spirit that the avatar has ever met

every single feeling of loneliness and fear and hope and love

raava understands how it is to be male and female and everything in between

she understands how it is to be born as a member of the aristocracy, as a street rat, as a country bumpkin

she understands how it is to grow up in the fire nation, the earth kingdom, the water tribes, the air temples

she understands how it is to be five years old, and ten and twenty and fifty, a hundred times over

and with each lifetime she sinks deeper and deeper into the avatar’s soul, like a tree digging its roots into the soil, over thousands of years and hundreds of lifetimes

raava has felt all of it, seen all of it, been all of it, she’s so completely in tune with the human experience i can’t believe how much i love the concept of her

this great spirit, who used to be so disdainful of human, of humanity– coming down from her mountain and learning miracle of human life, how it’s infinitesimally large and infinitesimally small at the same time, the range of its variety

each of the avatars lead beautiful, terrible, fulfilled lives by themselves, but raava is like the thread that connects a string of pearls; she makes them more than the sum of their parts.



say “Commander Julius Root” into a mirror three times and I’ll appear behind you sobbing

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